Beautifully restored, every nut and bolt properly cad plated, anodized and chromed, as it left the Piaggio factory in Italy,1958. Factory color is sea foam green. This is an original California scooter, serviced through Scooterama in Riverside, California, back in the 50’s. All pre-1958 Vespa’s were called “handlebar” scooters because of the tube type handlebars they incorporated. Also known as the “wide body” Vespas, they are highly sought after among collectors. “Allstates” were 100% Vespa made in Italy but imported to America and badged “Allstate” and sold through Sears, Roebuck, & Co. The Vespa Allstate was designed after the model U in Italy, which stood for Utilitarian. The first Allstate came into the states in 1951, which was 4 years before the first Vespa was sold here with a Vespa badge. They are true Americana/Italiana! Extras include original speedometer, Continental whitewall tires, Original 50’s mudflap, Original Vigano crashbars, Tartan seat cover, Spare tire w/ holder, Original 60’s black plate and plate frame. $5800 (Crash bars not shown here)

1958 Vespa Allstate 125